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Raxis Buys Boscloner


ATLANTA - July 7, 2021 - Raxis LLC, trusted by Fortune 500 companies to conduct penetration tests on some of the world’s most sophisticated corporate networks, today announced it has purchased Boscloner, a company renowned for producing the most advanced publicly available technology for remotely capturing and cloning electronic security badge data.

Boscloner’s products enable penetration testers, security personnel, and law enforcement to access keycard-protected rooms and buildings without authorization and without arousing suspicion from onsite staff.

“Used for its lawful purposes, the Boscloner Pro™ device will help make companies safer by demonstrating in dramatic fashion the weak points in keycard technology and the corresponding company policies,” said Raxis CEO Mark Puckett. “There is no technology on the open market that can effectively challenge physical security as thoroughly as Boscloner. In the hands of skilled penetration testers, Boscloner is the master key to corporate offices and server rooms where redundant safeguards are not in place.”

Veteran security professional Phillip Bosco developed the first Boscloner in 2014 and built a successful company around his unique device that employs a patented combination of hardware and software to scan security badges at close range, copy their electronic data, and then transfer the data to a new badge with all the same permissions as the original. His penetration testing experience, much of it as a Raxis contractor, provided numerous use cases and enabled him to continuously improve the effectiveness of the device.

The next-generation Boscloner Pro increased the effective range of the device to six feet, added technology to identify unknown badge types and crack typical encryption methods, and even provided the capability to simulate a badge so that a physical card is unnecessary in some cases. Boscloner Pro can also employ ‘smart brute force’ to simulate a series of badges, allowing it to use data from one captured badge to make rapid, informed guesses about others. In practical usage, that means a tester can use Boscloner to clone the badge of a front-desk employee, for example, and the device will decipher the badge information from staff with greater privileges.

“There is no other group of individuals that I would rather trust with a project that has been as close to my heart than the folks at Raxis,” Bosco said. “I cannot wait to see the Boscloner grow and transform as it continues under the direction and leadership of team Raxis.”

Puckett said Raxis intends to bring the Boscloner Pro to market in the early fall. Though the company hasn’t set a price point, he said that Raxis will honor existing preorder contracts. He added that the Boscloner name will continue.

“Phillip created an amazing piece of technology with Boscloner, and we will honor his work by keeping the brand that’s based on his name,” Puckett said. “We’ll continue to adapt and improve the product just as he did, but we’ll only add the words ‘by Raxis’ to the branding.”

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