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Boscloner DIY Resources

Build a Boscloner Classic Yourself (DIY)

Do you consider yourself handy, adventurous, and looking to save a few bucks?

Considering that the Boscloner Classic is and always will be completely open-source...You can build a Boscloner Classic entirely yourself!

There are three ways to get a Boscloner Classic unit in your possession:

  1. Purchase a fully assembled premium kit from the product page, which works out-of-the-box and is ready to rock!
    (Fully assembled Boscloner Classic kits have been discontinued as of November 1st, 2020)

  2. Purchase the Boscloner Classic Board + Shield from the product page, then source the remaining parts on your own via Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere on the internet.
    (Limited remaining supply of Board + Shield Combos Available)

  3. Build everything yourself from scratch using the source-code files, schematics, and BOMs. All of the source files, diagrams, images, BOM, Gerber files, and beyond can be found on the official Boscloner Github page:

Boscloner Classic DIY Video Step-By-Step Instructions:

* The links and information in the video may be dated, but the operation, parts required, and general assembly instructions remain the same. If you've purchased the Boscloner Classic Board+Shield kit and have any additional questions during assembly, please reach out to to assist you with your Boscloner build!

** While Boscloner LLC guarantees their board+shield kit and premium units will work upon delivery to the customer, Boscloner LLC is NOT responsible for user-assembled units and we may or may not provide support. Users attempting DIY builds of the Boscloner Classic perform this at their own risk.