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Boscloner Premium Kit

The Boscloner Premium Kit includes everything you need to start capturing and cloning RFID out of the box. With support for the most widely used RFID technology in the world (125kHz HID Proxcard), the Boscloner is capable of streamlining the process of capturing and cloning RFID cards like no other from up to three feet away.

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Boscloner Board + Shield Combo

Everything about the Boscloner is completely open-source. For the penetration testers and security researchers that don't mind getting their hands a little dirty, the Boscloner Board + Shield combo allows hackers to build their own Boscloner unit by following along with the official instructional build video. Assembly Required.

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Need Penetration Testing?

Security Illusion is an industry-leader in cybersecurity consulting and penetration testing services, brought to you by the creator and developer of the Boscloner. Security Illusion conducts a wide-range of cybersecurity services, from web application assessments, social engineering, custom assessments, and more.

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